God gave my soul a human body to live in peace. My parents have given me the name Burnice.

My thoughts on paper. Written in my room.

It was time to post these self written poems online. www.nice2bm.blogspot.nl

I wanted to know more about poetry. So I joined a group called Poetry Circle 010.

My first performance with the poets of Poetry circle 010 at the Hiphophuis.

Invited by radio Brasa for a special interview on Valentine's day.

Started a 2 year spiritual healing and meditation course.

Honoured to perform at a cosy poetry event 'Woorden worden zinnen'

MY first poem written by a theme, at Paginagroots.

Performing at an international poetry event Spoken Notes in Amsterdam.

Love your passion. Performing on my birthday for Woorden worden zinnen at an art gallery.

I can scream out loud and proud.
I am a stylist. Graduated!

Needed to tell my story about Love, lust and feeling lonely. My first One Woman Show with an open mic.

Recording some spokenword by Buttered Bread.

Performing an inspiring poem for a benefit concert. Collecting money to rebuild a burned church.

The dutch anthology 'Ode aan' came out. Poets from Rotterdam wrote a poem for their personal heroe.

The abolishment of slavery in Surinam. Performing my poem about slavery on the yearly event in Amsterdam at the Museumplein.

It's a gift to lift up others. I've learned a lot from giving workshops. With The LGBT's from The Hangout 010.

Invited to speak some poetry in Surinam. With the lovely owners from the restaurant Buiten Gewoon.

Recording poetry on the streets of Rotterdam city for Hiphopinjesmoel.

Recognized on stage and asked to be a model. That's nice too!

On the radio to announce my birthdayparty including my One Woman Poetry Show in Surinam.

My birthday party slash Bnicepoetry event at Buiten Gewoon in Surinam.

Spoken arts. It was amazing to perform with professional dancers.

Touring with poets. Performing in 7 cities across Holland and Belgium. A trip to remember.

Following the teachings of Abraham Hicks in beautiful Italy.

Being a business woman is a Lifestyle.

International womensday. Performing for the TheNextGen.

The gender edition. Poem for LGBT group The Hangout 010.

Have you ever sat on a riding couch and talked about the future of your city? Thanks to Derek Otte for making this possible.